5 Benefits of Cloud Contact Center over a PBX System

A vital choice a business executive can make is to improve the organization’s phone system. You may already be utilizing an on-premises PBX, but you have recently realized that it can’t keep up with the …

Cloud Contact Center

A vital choice a business executive can make is to improve the organization’s phone system. You may already be utilizing an on-premises PBX, but you have recently realized that it can’t keep up with the demands of remote staff. When weighing their alternatives, IT professionals frequently research cloud-based call center solutions for their companies. Knowlarity provides several advantages in addition to increased flexibility and dependability. Is an on-premises phone system utterly interchangeable with a cloud PBX? According to a survey on the corporate telephone, more than 60% of organizations plan to migrate to VoIP when their landline contracts expire.

Common Cloud Contact Center Problems:

The contact centre was considered a vital but unimportant operational component of a corporation. Today, it is widely acknowledged that customer experience is one of the critical differentiators for firms. Knowlarity provides the best technologies that support them and play a significant role in strategic decision-making. Many businesses are aware that their current customer engagement strategy may be better.

Cost reductions:

Due to the fact that your complete phone system is hosted and maintained in the cloud, you do not require expending funds on expensive hardware. You pay for the services you use, saving you from having to make a significant capital investment and acquire the necessary technical expertise to set up your system. When compared to the cost of fixed lines, the price is typically divided among thousands of users, considerably reducing the per-unit usage cost for the consumer. For organizations like call centres that manage a high volume of long-distance calls, cloud-hosted PBX’s lack of geography restrictions could result in significant call savings. The number of call plans that offer unlimited calls to mobile numbers will cause the average cost per call to drop significantly.

Time savings:

A conventional PBX requires you to acquire the necessary hardware, schedule an appointment for a technician to assess your call flow needs, and then schedule an installation date. You need to set up a cloud-hosted PBX is quick and straightforward. Provisioning is frequently instant and done through a desktop computer’s graphical user interface. Because everything is software-based, adding a phone line or 20 additional lines usually takes a few minutes. Because the service provider typically employs a group of committed professionals who are available round-the-clock to ensure you suffer no downtime, you also save time on server maintenance and equipment updates.


Businesses constantly expand and contract. As your demand rises or falls, cloud-hosted applications may quickly grow to meet your consumption capacity. With a few lines, you may start small and add more users as your business grows. Seasonal enterprises can benefit from the scalability of cloud-hosted PBX by activating new lines shortly before a significant event or festival and deactivating them.

Superior Voice Calls:

Voice communication through the internet has dramatically improved with higher Quality of Service plans, more excellent compression rates, and fast internet connections. The best call center software in India may conduct several tests before the start of your VoIP service. It may evaluate the strength of your internet connection and suggest the best VoIP option for your area. With voice prioritization and other packet loss resilience strategies, Cloud Hosted PBX can provide excellent quality calls over the internet. The policies may be applied holistically from the central office to the subscriber, ensuring exceptional call quality.


In general, cloud-hosted PBX solutions are safer than internal PBX. The service provider for VoIP systems is responsible for the system’s security. Therefore they take care of all software updates, firewall configurations, and security patches. A committed team of experts from your service provider’s industry is working hard to ensure that VoIP service is safe and secure.

Shift to cloud call center with Knowlarity:

As a result, the reasons why companies favour cloud contact centre solutions are discussed above. Cloud call centres from Knowlarity deliver speedy and efficient outcomes. A cloud contact centre’s main idea and value proposition are that its cloud-based technology is user-friendly and provides a beautiful experience.

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