8 Land Rover Maintenance Hacks

It’s an unavoidable fact that cars break down every now and then, and with frequent use, you might need to put more effort into maintenance and repairs to keep them in good shape. Car owners …

land rover maintenance

It’s an unavoidable fact that cars break down every now and then, and with frequent use, you might need to put more effort into maintenance and repairs to keep them in good shape. Car owners may experience a number of problems that contribute to their Land Rover’s maintenance costs, but here are 8 maintenance hacks to guide you.

Floor Mat Hacks

Floor mats are one of the parts that always take the most beating since they protect your car’s interiors from mud, dirt, snow, and spills. That’s why it’s good practice to clean them from time to time.

Floor mats can either be made out of rubber or carpet, and each one has different care methods. Rubber mats are great for outdoor enthusiasts because it’s easier to clean them, but Land Rover usually comes with carpet mats. Either way, we have a short guide for cleaning them real quick. 

To clean rubber mats:

  1. Remove rubber mats from the vehicle
  2. Shake and remove leftover debris by vacuuming
  3. Rinse rubber mats with water
  4. Use cleanser for rubber mats and start scrubbing with a stiff brush
  5. Rinse clean
  6. Hang to dry or pat down with a towel

To clean carpet mats:

  1. Remove carpet mats from vehicle
  2. Use a vacuum to remove dirt and debris
  3. Shake and hack mats against a hard surface
  4. Apply a cleaner for carpet floor mats and clean accordingly
  5. Scrub mats to remove stubborn stains
  6. Rinse and dry completely before putting them back inside your car
  7. Use a cleaner designed for carpet floor mats and apply it to your floor mats
  8. Follow the application directions on your particular cleaner, as they can vary
  9. Scrub the mats to remove any stains and ground-in debris
  10. Rinse thoroughly

Squeaky Clean Leather Car Seats

Because most luxury vehicles come with leather seats, it’s best to keep them in top shape by keeping them well-maintained. Make your way to a Land Rover repair service in Houston, TX to have professional help, or follow these easy steps for a no-brainer cleaning routine.

  1. Remove dust, dirt, and debris from your seats’ crevices with a vacuum
  2. Wipe down everything with a dry, gentle cloth to remove dirt that may have been missed
  3. Use a pH-neutral cleaning solution on your cloth or a soft-bristled brush and gently clean your seats
  4. For perforated seats, make sure to keep everything moisture-free
  5. Apply a leather conditioner using a microfiber cloth
  6. Allow the conditioner to dry and buff in with another clean cloth for extra shine

Smokey Smell Removal

If you’re a smoker, the smell might linger over time, even if you don’t necessarily smoke inside your car. Getting rid of the scent shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s also advisable to have a professional do it for you.

Some DIY methods involve using baking soda and a vacuum, but this can be damaging for leather seats and other sensitive materials in your car. Leaving an open box of baking soda inside overnight can help lessen the stench, but there’s no better way than to have it thoroughly cleaned. Take your car to your nearest Land Rover repair center to get that squeaky clean scent.

Replace Brake Pads 

Of course, don’t neglect your brake pads. While your entire braking system is working absolutely fine, it can be hazardous if your brake pads have been overused and no longer have the proper grip they once had. Replacing brake pads on your own is pretty doable, but nothing beats getting expert help to make sure your safety, as well as your passengers, is ensured.

Rotate Your Tires

There are a number of advantages that come with frequently rotated tires: less road noise, better steering and handling, better fuel efficiency, and improved traction on wet, slippery, and icy roads. For this matter, it’s best to stay consistent with the Land Rover recommended maintenance schedule for model-specific figures. 

Check Your Tire Tread

Checking your tire tread is considerably one of the easiest vehicle safety checks you can do at home as it requires very little equipment and expertise. Sometimes all you need is a ruler and a penny. While a ruler is preferable to check the tire tread depth, a penny will do as well.

The design of the U.S. penny makes it the perfect on-the-go tool to measure your tire tread wear. Follow these steps to check the tread depth of your tires:

  1. Insert a penny on your tire tread’s groove, with Lincoln’s head face down.
  2. Seeing Lincoln’s face even with the penny inserted means your tire treads are ⅔ inches deep or less, indicating a replacement
  3. Repeat this process with all your tires to check wear and tear

On the other hand, Land Rover repair service includes the use of equipment such as a tire tread depth gauge or tread wear bars. Head on to your nearest Houston repair center to have professionals check your tires.

When to Change Oil

Oil changes are a quintessential part of car maintenance if you want to stay on top of your luxury car’s health. The recommended mileage to change oil depends on each kind of car, but typically a Range Rover can go between 7,500 and 10,000 miles between oil changes. 

This is important because the engine relies largely on fresh, clean oil to operate efficiently, as the oil lubricates all the moving parts to prevent friction and overheating. Neglecting this part of your car’s maintenance can lead to a lot of damage.

Choosing Between Premium and Regular Gas

A lot of professionals suggest Land Rover owners always opt for premium gas to optimize their engine’s performance, but what’s the difference between premium and regular gas anyway?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing regular gas, but it’s worth noting that this type of gas has lesser octane levels than premium gas. In this case, premium gas is a more refined type of gasoline, meaning less engine knockin will occur. It also goes without saying that regular gas is lower in price compared to its premium counterpart.


Got a Land Rover in your garage? While they may be considered to be difficult to maintain, following the maintenance hacks we’ve laid down for you just might save you a trip to your nearest Land Rover service repair center. Keep in mind however that while these tips are pretty easily handled even at home, it’s best to consult with a professional to ensure your car’s quality and improve longevity.

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