Shifting your house is a common factor these days. We can conduct a local or an intercity house shifting depending on our needs and preferences. As you are considering shifting your house from Kolkata, you need to find a suitable moving company for the same. There is an unending number of moving companies in Kolkata but finding the best one according to your requirements is the real challenge. Anyway, you don’t need to feel restless as I have got you the 9 chief measures to hire the most suitable packers and movers in Kolkata.

Here are the 9 chief measures to hire the most suitable packers and movers in Kolkata in the following pointers:

1. Don’t go for DIY

Shifting your house might sound like a personal agenda as it is your house and you are sufficient to shift the belongings. But the reality is far more different than it seems. You cannot do all the planning, preparation, and execution of a complicated activity like house shifting. The best option is to get professional help. There are a lot of packers and movers in Kolkata and you need to choose the most suitable moving company according to your budget and preferences.

2. Ask your trusted sources

We all have some people around us whom we trust. You should approach them to suggest to you the names of the packers and movers who are efficient and reputed. Ask your extended family members, friends, neighbours, or your peers at work if they can help you find a moving company in Kolkata.

3. Do proper research

Check the internet to find out the various packers and movers service providers near you in Kolkata. Check the websites of those moving companies and look for the customer’s reviews. You can get a real idea about the quality of services offered by the moving company to the customers.

4. Seek expert assistance

Check the special online portals that provide customised solutions. If you contact them through their helpline number or by sending them an email, they will send you the details of the three moving companies according to your moving budget and are located nearby in Kolkata. The details provided by these moving companies are verified data so you can trust them for their recommendations.

5. Get a pre-move survey

After you have collected enough data on the moving companies through your friends, colleagues, neighbours, internet research, and lastly through the experts, you have to jot down all the details in a list. Start calling the numbers of the moving companies and start making appointments with their agents to conduct a pre-move survey. They will come to your place in Kolkata at the given time and check your belongings and conduct the pre-move survey.

6. Get cost quotation

After carrying out a pre-move survey at your place, the moving company agent will estimate the size of your move and give you a cost quotation. You will get several packers and movers cost estimates as you have contacted several moving companies in Kolkata. Compare the quotations and select the company that is offering you the least moving quotation.

7. Consider add-on services

Apart from the moving costs, the other aspect that you should consider is the availability of add-on services. Unpacking of your goods, re-arranging of the goods, and warehouse facilities are some of the most common add-on services provided by the packers and movers service providers. Check if your moving company in Kolkata is offering you these add-on facilities or not.

8. Check their legitimacy

Do not be thrilled as you find the packers and movers service providers in Kolkata who are offering you the lowest rates and best of add-on services. You never know, the moving company you are vouching for is fraudulent. Yes, it is possible. Many moving companies will offer you discounted rates and trap you in their sugar-coated words. You will not be able to understand their real motive until they run away with all your belongings in the moving truck. You will be looted and regret your decision later on. The only way to stay away from such swindlers is by checking their legitimacy.

Visit the office of the moving company. Ask them to produce their credentials to prove their legitimacy. Ask them to show them the trade license, their GST certificate, their company PAN card, and their IBA authorisation certificate. If a moving company has these documents in place, the company is not a fraudulent one. You can proceed with your shifting needs with them.

9. Get hard-copy of the bills

When you deal with the finances of your moving company, you need to be careful. Ask the company to hand you the invoices in print-outs or writing. The bills should be authentic with the logo and name of the company on the invoice. Don’t make any bulk cash transactions in advance. If you have to pay an instalment of the moving cost in advance, pay it digitally. Digital transactions have online proof of their occurrence. Therefore, make digital transactions through your debit card or digital applications like Paytm, Phone Pay, etc. in most cases.

The Final Outcome

While shifting your house from Kolkata to some other city or within the premises of the city itself, you need to find the right moving company for your shifting needs. Follow the aforesaid 9 chief measures to hire the most suitable packers and movers in Kolkata and find an authentic, efficient, and experienced moving company. I wish you good luck!

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