At the start ceramic coating was known as a professional service provided by detailing workshops and was not commonly used but with time, they are widely available, affordable, and compatible. 

A ceramic coating is known as nanoscopic exterior automotive paint that works as a treatment and is applied in a liquid form. It is the best available option to avoid extra charges. Usually, it is applied by hand and is used to protect the paint of the car and keep it clean for a longer period. It makes the process of car washing easier and more comfortable and makes a car more glossy and shiny.

Several different workshops are offering the best ceramic coating service in lahore. But Super shine car wash is unique and different from other workshops as it provides you with all services at your doorstep. This quality makes our best car wash in Lahore. It is advisable to apply the ceramic coating when you wash the car and make sure not to leave any dust particles or oil on the car’s surface so that the ceramic coating is sealed properly. 

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

As it is a super shiny car wash product so it is very important here to discuss the advantages of the ceramic coating so a customer gets its long-lasting protection. It prevents water stains, bird dropping, and many other substances from harming the paint of the car and gives great value to a vehicle in the long term. It also helps to protect the car from ultraviolet rays Moreover makes the car clean, glossy, and shiny.

Super shine provides the best ceramic coating in Lahore and all the big cities of Pakistan.

Auto detailing

Most of the time, auto detailing and ceramic coating are perceived as the same. But this is not a fact. Term auto detailing is wider than ceramic coating. Simply if you want to shine in the car by making it thoroughly neat and clean go for this service provided by super shine auto detailing at your doorstep. Although auto detailing is economical and aesthetic it can increase the overall life and performance of your car. Car detailing doesn’t use an automotive system but it requires an expert detailer who handles the whole procedure by hand. Car detailing mainly is divided into two parts

Interior Car Detailing 

If we compare the interior and exterior car detailing it is said that interior car detailing needs

more careful cleaning and expertise as it requires more effort than exterior detailing. The interior detailing may include the following procedures

Cleaning the Engine Bay

Experienced care detailers often emphasize the importance of engine detailing. The engine is cleaned by spraying water with pressure and is wiped with a degreaser and then rinsed thoroughly.

Vacuuming and Shampooing

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the interior part of the car ensures the detailed cleaning and removal of dust particles that are not easily visible to the naked eye. The carpet of the car is mostly full of stains. The shampooing process helps to clean all stains.

Glass Cleaning

It is done with specially prepared liquid to ensure the spark and shine so that the driver’s view is not compromised.

Cleaning the Car Leather

Different specially prepared soap is used to clean the leather so that its comfort lives.


At the end of the whole process, a decent deodorant or perfume is used to make the internal environment more attractive.

Exterior Car Detailing

Exterior car detailing is used to keep the overall look of the car glossy. There are certain steps included in exterior detailing that may include


The car is washed by hand by using a high-pressure spray of water.


After washing, a clay bar is used to wipe out any remaining impurities.


A specially prepared polish is used to restore the original polish.


Sealant is used to make the car brand new.

Whether it is interior car detailing or exterior we need some specific tools and gadgets. However, car painting and repairing are not included in car detailing.

Here we discuss some benefits that you get when you do car detailing from the best car detailing workshop in Lahore that super shines.

  • It improves the overall quality and lifespan of a car.
  • It improves the car sale value.
  • It improves the appearance of the car

If you are searching for car washing services at your doorstep in all big cities of Pakistan including Lahore then you are at the right place because super shine auto detailing and ceramic coating are one of the best services in town. We are just a call away from you. We are offering online transactions as well.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us at any time. We are available 24/7. Our customer service is very responsive.

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