In this online world, it is common to face the need to pull out text from an image. Here, you can assume a situation where you come across a photo on social media and find the text (present in that image) helpful enough to use in your blog post or any other stuff. Now, how can you copy text from image? Well, this is precisely what we will answer in this post. Read on to learn the easy ways to copy text from the image on the go

4 Ways to How to Use Image to Text Converter

Today, there exist tons of ways to extract text from an image. But the thing is to pick the right way to get the job done. Well, worry not, because all the methods present below are tried and tested – so you won’t feel any hassle. Take a look: 


Utilize Photo to Text Converter Online

One of the most excellent ways to copy text from image by is by utilizing online tools. These tools are OCR (Optical Character Recognition) based web platforms that help you take out text from images. OCR is generally a process that converts an image into text and makes it editable for a user. All you need is an internet connection to take advantage of these tools. Now, search using your favorite browsers to access these online picture to text converter tools. 


Once you do that, you will step into a user interface, where you must drag and upload the particular image from which you want to extract the text. After hitting the go button, the tool will start analyzing the text – present in the image – and extricate all the text in the box – that you can easily copy. The best thing is you can also save the text in the MS word file directly from the tool. 


Consider Using Google Docs To Extract Text from Images

Yet another best way to convert an image to text is considering Google Docs. Most people don’t know that their Google Docs lets them directly make their images editable. No matter what sort of device you are using (whether it’s MAC, Windows, Android, or even iOS), you can image text extractor with Google Docs on the go. All you need to do is open your Google Docs (on the web or via an application). After that, click on the “File Upload” option – from where you can drop your image. Once you do that, you have to click on “Open with Google Docs”. As a result, your image will be presented in Google Docs, and the system will interpret all the font sizes, styles, and colors and make it editable for you. 


Use Picture to Text Converter Apps

The people who are looking for permanent yet go-to ways to make use of OCR technology to copy text from an image can prefer using OCR converter apps. These apps can be used on MAC, Android, iOS, and even on Windows and can help users to extract text directly from photos. The algorithms of such apps work in the same way as online web tools. All you need to do is install them for free or buy them up as per your preferences (on your preferred device). After that, you have to open it up and drop your JPG, PNG, and PDF format pictures in the box. Once you do that, hit the extract button and let the tool do its job. Within 30 seconds, the system will display the same text in the photo that you can copy and edit without any disputes. 


Try Online OCR Extensions

Last in order but not of importance! Here’s yet another amazing way to copy text from image on the go. The people who mostly live on their laptops and computers and want a one-click image to text conversion can use online OCR extensions that can directly be fetched from their chrome store. All they need to do is open their Chrome web store and search for a JPG to text extension. After adding the extension to their web, they will have access to an option that lets them upload any sort of image on the panel. Once you do that, you can copy the text without facing any hurdles. 

End Words

So, these are some of the best ways to copy text from image for free in seconds. There’s no doubt that OCR technology is one excellent means to convert images into machine-encoded text. Try one of the methods, and comment below to share your experiences. 


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