Things to Do in the Desert Dubai: 

Take a jeep safari (Dune Bashing)

Take a 4×4 into the desert and let a guide show you around while you kick back and relax. Desert Safari Dubai Jeep safaris can cost up to 200 AED, but the price usually includes other activities like dune bashing and sand boarding.


Driving over sand dunes.

Desert safari Dubai

Get in a 4×4 and let a tour guide take you dune bashing. Riding a jeep up and down sand dunes and searching for the best line is a thrilling dream. Seeker’s it’s an experience you won’t forget. Check out The Planet Adventure for the best prices on jeep safari trips, which include these kinds of excursions.

Ride a dirt bike 

For people who have never done it, there is free training and all the safety gear they need.


Ride a bike with fat tires

In Dubai, you can explore the desert on two wheels or, better yet, on a fat bike. With their big tires made for sand, these motorcycles are great for touring the desert with a guide who knows the area well.


Ride a hot air balloon to see the desert from above

Take a ride in a hot air balloon to see the desert safari from a different point of view. So that people can see the sunrise, these trips often start very early in the morning.



See falcons that trained well to fly a stunt up to 4,000 feet high. Add a ride in a hot air balloon and a delicious brunch to the falcon show to make it a full day.


Sandboarding fun!

Sandboarding is fun, so you should do it on your desert safari.


Camel Ride

There are many camels in the desert of Dubai, so why not try riding one? Kind camel owners will show you how to ride one of their gentle animals. Desert safaris in Dubai always include camel rides, which you shouldn’t miss. You could also go to camel farms to learn about these exciting animals.


Horse Riding

An excellent alternative to riding a camel across the desert is riding a horse. These are unique things to do and are great ways to relax.


Ride around on a quad bike or a buggy and count to ten.

Even though a buggy trip is less scenic, it may be more relaxing. Both are expensive, but The Planet Adventure has the best deals, which sometimes include extra things to do in the desert.


Jump into an old Land Rover.

Visit the desert in a classic Land Rover and enjoy a safari in all of its glory. Most tours like this are expensive, but they are well worth it because you get much more than just the safari.

This way, you can learn everything there is to know about the desert ecosystem and the unique animals that live there in the UAE’s most protected area.


Activities For the Weekend and Late at Night


Night in the tent in the desert

If you spend the night in the desert, you’ll have an even more exciting adventure. You can go to your luxurious desert hideaway in Dubai and rest after a long day of sightseeing and exploring. On The Planet Adventure, you can find a wide range of places to stay the night, from cheap to fancy.


Shows and eats food from the area

After a busy morning and evening on the desert safari, visitors can unwind with delicious local food and a lively show. If you want to learn about a new culture and its customs, there’s no better way than to eat what the locals eat.


Look up and let the stars amaze you!

This is the place to cool off after a busy day and see one of the most beautiful sights.


Go on a safari in the desert at night

Take a 5-hour trip through the desert at night in a private vintage Land Rover as the sun goes down to see the animals and scenery in a different light. After their desert tour, guests are encouraged to spend the night at the retreat to take advantage of the astronomer-led stargazing sessions held there at night.

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  • If you want to go on a desert safari in Dubai, you should go between November and March. Temperatures may rise to levels that aren’t too bad, at least for now.
  • The sand makes dune bashing a hard ride. There is no good reason for pregnant women to go dune-bashing. People with motion sickness or vertigo, as well as those with neck or back problems, should also avoid this activity.
  • Bring warm clothes to change at night because the desert gets colder.
  • Listen to your guide as you get ready to ride a camel, which is different than riding a horse.
  • We hope our complete guide to Dubai will help you plan your trip there.
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