Turkey Visa for Hong Kong Citizens are necessary for visiting Turkey. The many Turkey Require visas types that are available, their expiry periods, and the application process are all cover.

What information is required to get a Turkish visa?

You should be knowledgeable about the prerequisites for a Turkish visa if you’re travelling to Turkey. Application materials for Turkish visas must include the following: A passport that will be valid for at least another six months beyond your intended departure date from Turkey. Documents that show where you will be going on your trip, such as a ticket, hotel reservation, or letters from your work or a travel agency.

A photocopy of your passport’s endorsement page and, if appropriate, photograph page.

How should I go if I want assistance with my Turkish visa?

Check out our blog section if you’re contemplating a trip to Turkey and need help getting a visa. You might learn more about how to apply, the kind of visa you need, and other topics.

We also provide useful guidance on how to get a visa for Turkey if you are not a Turkish national. Turkish consulates and a variety of websites may assist Turkish people in obtaining Turkish visas.

We advise setting up a consultation with a Turkish visa expert who can thoroughly explain all of your choices and then assist you in selecting the best one based on your particular requirements.

Once your visit is over, feel free to benefit from our affordable rates and fast service.

Does one need a visa to enter Turkey?

You must get a Turkish visa ahead of time if your nation is not included in the list of nations whose citizens are free from needing one.

Bulgarian, Croatian, Cypriot, Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian nationals may enter Turkey without a visa. In every other nation, a visiting visa is require.

Different Visa Types

Only a tiny number of countries’ nationals need tourist visas, which are only good for 30 days. It may porch at any embassy or consulate of Turkey.

Business visa: This form of visa is necessary for citizens of specify nations and entitles you to a three-month stay in Turkey. It may be purchased at any embassy or consulate of Turkey.

Student visa: This kind of visa, which permits for a maximum six-month stay in Turkey, is necessary for nationals of specific nations. It may purchase at any embassy or consulate of Turkey.

When can I apply for a visa to Turkey

If you wish to go to Turkey, you must first apply for a visa. A answer can take up to two months, and a visa will set you back around $60 USD. However, there are a variety of methods to quicken the process:

Enrolling online Nowadays, a lot of embassies accept applications online, which is quicker and more practical. Submit your application within business hours. Given that embassy workers are often more effective and structured than employees of governmental bodies, this will probably be the shortest alternative.

We also provide helpful advice on how to get a visa for Turkey if you are not a citizen of Turkey. Turkish citizens may get Turkish visas with the help of Turkish consulates and a number of websites.

Visa costs for Turkey

Turkey Visa from UAE and Dubai is needed to visit Turkey. The price of a visa to Turkey might vary depending on where you are from and can be anywhere from $30 to $140. The Turkish embassy or consulate in your country may be able to provide you with information on the cost of your visa.


Please be sure you get a visa if you want to visit Turkey. Turkey is the only nation that requires a visa for visitors. By following these suggestions, you could be successful in getting a Turkish visa.


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