Google web stories are a great way to engage your audience with short form content. They have many different features that make them more engaging than other forms of content, including video and social sharing.

Animated elements

Animated elements can be used to illustrate a point, add humor, show a process and even add movement to your story.

Here’s an example of how animated elements can help tell your brand story:

  • “How do I stop the washing machine from vibrating?” – A simple animation showing the user turning off the vibration setting on their washing machine would have been great in this scenario. But what if we wanted our client who owns several different types of machines to see exactly which one needed fixing first? With Google Web Stories, we were able to animate multiple appliances with similar characteristics at once so they could all be fixed by simply turning off or unplugging certain devices!


Videos can be played on mobile, desktop and VR. You’ll be able to upload videos from your camera roll or a URL.

You can edit the video before sharing it with friends, or embedding it within web stories. Videos shared via Google Web Stories will automatically include a link back to their source so people who view them elsewhere can find more information about that topic.

Quick loading

To make web stories easy to use, they’re small in size and quick to load. Web stories are also easily accessible on mobile phones.

Social sharing

  • Share Web Stories on all your social media channels.
  • Share Web Stories with your friends and family.
  • Share Web Stories with your colleagues.
  • Share Web Stories with your community members, customers, etc., who would find it interesting to see what you are up to!


Google Web Stories are an interactive format that allows you to add elements like polls, quizzes and other interactive elements to your content. This can be used in a variety of ways:

  • To encourage engagement with the content by giving users an opportunity to share their thoughts on it or interact with others who have seen it.
  • To encourage engagement with other users by allowing them to comment on each other’s stories or vote on which ones they like best.
  • To encourage engagement with brands through the ability for them to create their own web stories based off of yours!

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Google web stories are short form posts with features that make them more engaging.

Google web stories are short form posts with features that make them more engaging.

  • Animated elements: Using HTML5, you can add animated GIFs and other animations to your web story. This makes it more engaging for your readers by adding a visual element to the content of your story.
  • Video: You can also upload videos up to 30 seconds in length (or longer if you have extra space on your page). These videos will autoplay on mobile devices as well as desktop computers when someone visits the page where they were uploaded from. It’s easy! Just open up a new tab or window in Chrome and go through this guide here: https://support.googleblogger/answer/53055?hl=en
  • Quick loading: All files used in creating these pages are small so they load quickly even if there’s lots going on at once- like a lot of images or videos being loaded at once! And because everything is cached locally within each user’s browser cache this means faster loading times too!


It’s clear that we have only scratched the surface of what Google Web Stories can do. With so many different ways to play with these short form posts and make them more engaging, you can create content in a way that is more personal and engaging than ever before.



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