How has the Pandemic Affected Education?

The pandemic has changed the way we look at the world. It has brought a noticeable shift in all sectors, including education. One day, it was classroom learning; the next, it completely shifted to online …

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The pandemic has changed the way we look at the world. It has brought a noticeable shift in all sectors, including education. One day, it was classroom learning; the next, it completely shifted to online learning. This change has been huge for all students and teachers. Students and teachers are turning to screens to study and impart education. Due to this, there is a surge in students seeking university assignment help across the globe.

The courses are meant for classroom learning and not virtual learning. Teachers are finding it difficult to adjust to online teaching due to the absence of classroom interaction and participation. Also, many individuals do not have access to proper digital devices, internet connection, or space to immerse in deeper learning.

Sarah Manavis noted that there was a 300% increase in people searching “how to get your brain to focus”; an 110 percent increase in “how to focus better”, and a 60 percent rise in “how to increase focus” since February. According to Dr. Amy Arnsten, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at Yale University, the sudden drop in concentration levels is due to Coronavirus related stress. There seems to be a prefrontal cortex(located behind the forehead) shut down, which is responsible for critical thinking and focusing. The factors she noted include:

  • its invisibility;
  • the lack of individual control we have over it;
  • being forced to go against our everyday habits to protect ourselves.

The sudden shift has brought teachers with no option but to adjust to the screen. They are upgrading from traditional methods to suit the current global situation. Different problems arise when it comes to remote learning, such as:

  • Lack of proper internet connection
  • Audio-visual trouble.
  • Some courses require practical knowledge, which is hard to accomplish via screen

Why are Teachers not interested in providing Online Assignments to students?

1. No Access

Even today, many individuals do not have access to a digital device suitable for e-learning. Due to this, they have opted out of schools and universities. Even though professionals struggle to have proper access, asking students to have one is unreasonable.

2. Time Constraint

Many students have taken part-time or full-time jobs to cover their expenses. They have joined initiatives to aid Coronavirus patients. With their jobs, their attention is divided, and they cannot give the education complete focus. They are left with almost no time to research and writing projects.

Due to this reason, students approach online assignment help. They provide good quality work that maintains the student’s grades, allowing them to focus on their job entirely. Many university assignment help experts are professors or scholars from an esteemed university, making them more than capable of handling submissions. They provide plagiarism-free work within a deadline. It serves the purpose of students on tight deadlines.

3. No Grade Incentive

Due to the fairness of access to virtual learning, several school systems in many states have adopted a no grading policy not to penalize students who cannot attend all classes or turn in all of their work. It’s interesting to note that some students no longer feel compelled to participate in class because there is no longer a financial incentive. Is there a way we can benefit from the no-grading rule? Can we continue to give kids the freedom to complete project-based learning on subjects that interest them to gauge their interests and creativity?

4. Lack of quiet space

Not all students and teachers can access a private, quiet, focused learning environment. Some are busy with their household chores; have family, siblings, or children that create distractions. Can you imagine studying or teaching when your sibling constantly wants your attention?

Because there are many assignments that students need to complete, they outsource their assignments to an expert from online assignment help. The unavoidable distractions make it difficult to focus and prepare for exams. For submissions, they consult university assignment help services which promise to deliver high-quality content with zero plagiarism. These experts ensure to deliver on time so students can submit assignments without delay.

5. Student-Teacher Relationships

The relationship between teachers and students has been affected in the virtual classroom. They can no longer build a connection that motivates them to participate or engage in activities. The lack of motivation is another reason teachers don’t prefer to give assignments. Even if work is provided, students will complete it without comprehending the concept entirely or submit horrible work due to lack of focus.

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