Everyone has their own different type of skin, some dry, some oily and some lucky people whose skin is normal in nature, that is, neither too dry nor too oily. But those with oily and dry skin become more concerned with the season, and the winter season that follows this rain is going to increase the troubles of those with dry skin. The effect of dry weather also reads on the complexion of the face. That’s why it is necessary to moisten dry skin. In such a situation, home remedies prove to be effective to maintain the beauty of the face. And You can go for face cream for dry skin in the market which are natural ingredients based. With the use of home remedies, the natural moisture returns to the face. And there is no risk of any side effect from it. So let us know today about both the reason and solution for dry skin.

Cause of dryness

The most important reason for the problem of dry skin is the winter season. Every time you clean your skin with soap or face wash, it becomes drier, because the natural moisture of the skin is lost after cleansing. Its effect starts showing on the skin. The skin becomes dry and lifeless. The lips start cracking and the heels of the feet become dry and lifeless. In this season, due to less moisture in the environment, the skin also loses its natural sign.

Now know easy effective treatment of dry skin

1. Exercise

You sweat when you exercise. This opens up your pores and brings out the natural oil from inside. This oil provides moisture to your face. Controls dryness.

2. Honey

Honey is very beneficial for dry skin. Often the skin becomes dry due to the change of seasons. In such a situation, applying honey on the face gives moisture to the skin. If you want, you can apply it everyday for better results. Just keep it on the face for 10 minutes and wash the face afterwards. If you use it regularly, you will see the change yourself.

3. Milk

To make dry skin better, put a few drops of olive oil in half a cup of cold milk, after that put both of them in a bottle and stir. Then apply this mixture on the face using a cotton swab. This will make the skin glow.

4. Herbal Tea

Due to lack of moisture, the softness of the skin is destroyed. Therefore, to avoid this, we can consume hot substances like herbal tea several times a day. Consuming tea made from a mixture of ginger and lemon always keeps the skin glowing and the digestive system of those who consume it regularly is also fine.

5. Sesame Oil

Mix a little cream or milk face cream in a spoonful of sesame oil and beat it well, then apply it on the face and neck. After 20 minutes of light massage, wash the face with plain water. Oil is also a good option to remove dryness of the face. This will make your face soft, smooth and glowing. You can also use olive oil if you want.

6. Almond Oil

Mix equal amounts of almond oil and honey and massage it on the nails and cuticles. Wipe off with a wet towel after 15 minutes, dry skin will improve. Apart from this, drink one teaspoon of almond oil in milk before sleeping at night, it will be very beneficial.

7. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has the property of solving every skin related problem, but it is most effective for those with dry skin. If you have dry skin, then apply coconut oil, leave it for a day or a few hours, after that take a bath, you will start feeling its effect from the first second day.

8. Mango

A face pack made of mango is also very beneficial for providing moisture and glow to the face. To make this, take a ripe mango and peel it and separate the pulp. Put the pulp in a mixer and crush it. After that, add one tablespoon honey and three tablespoons olive oil to one tablespoon pulp and mix it well. Apply it on the face and after half an hour wash the face with plain water.

9. Egg

Eggs are very beneficial for health. But very few people know that eggs are also very beneficial for the skin. Applying egg yolk ends dryness of the face. Or egg can be used as a good face mask for skin health. It not only provides essential proteins for the skin, but also helps in tightening the skin.

10. Besan

Prepare one teaspoon turmeric, one teaspoon honey and a little milk by mixing two tablespoons of gram flour. Apply this pack on the face by adding a few drops of lemon and let it dry and then wash it off with warm water. By applying this, gradually your complexion will also start glowing. Actually gram flour helps to hydrate dry skin. Apart from this, its use is also beneficial in removing fine lines and wrinkles.

11. Vinegar

If your skin is more dry and there is irritation in it, then mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar in a mug of water and apply it wherever there is dry skin after bath, it will benefit soon.

12. Take care

Clean the face with light hands. Avoid scrubbing too often in winters to remove dead skin cells, so that wrinkles do not appear.


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