How to use Instagram automation tools

MARIA S. Promotion and increasing followers on instaram in social media is usually thought of nowadays. There is exist an endless list of SMM managers that promise you unbelievable popularity with the weave of a …

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  • Promotion and increasing followers on instaram in social media is usually thought of nowadays. There is exist an endless list of SMM managers that promise you unbelievable popularity with the weave of a magic wand. According to statistics, results are as fairy as their promises. how to get more followers on instagrm: superviral

How to use Instagram automation tools

First, try to answer a very simple question

Here are the names of 3 most popular networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

In your opinion, which is the most profitable advertising marketplace? Instagram. The most expensive advertising post on Instagram costs 1 million $. It is the price list for one publication at Kylie Jenner model and businesswoman. This – is the price of many.

Impressive, right? By the way, do you know the fact that each of our subscribers can be close to this result because we have marketing tools at our disposal? And now we explain to you how it works.

There are quite a few methods that may be used for promotion, but the most sought is an Instagram bot marketing tool designed for a promotion that may be made by each user. This is a program that operates with your profile to do the actions that are targeted to increase your account volume. Such bots may perform all functions that may be performed within Instagram.

Here we are going to describe to you the main principle of its work and name the main functions performed by the Instagram bot that are worthy of your attention.


A fundamental tool of all systems that are targeted to the promotion of profile. The hashtag is the key that sets the course of all promotion schemes and tactics. This tool is necessary for any type of Instagram promotion because only with the use of this tool does your account participate in network life. If you will neglect them, your profile will be excluded from the search machine, and only those who know your nickname will be able to find your account. Hashtags are used for targeting settings because they define your future auditory and permanent direction of promotion.


The main goal of any Instagram user is the increasing their account volume. The idea of this tool is based on human psychology. Bot performs standard functions of Instagram’s social aspect – subscribes to targeted accounts and accompanies them with likes. After some time, it moves back to accounts that are already worked to make an unsubscription from them. This stage is not necessary, but it has another psychological subtext: an account with a great difference in the number of followers and following accounts, where the number of followers is much higher than another one makes a look at the significance and importance of such an account.


The perfect tool for all who want to keep close contact with their subscribers, for example, for bloggers or for those who run a business through Instagram. Each media person must be in close contact with their auditory. It helps him to – “hear the voice of his followers” and improve content for their satisfaction. The mechanism is simple: you pre-type a message that will be sent to another user. As a rule, such a tool can be set for sending your messages to your followers, recently added followers, or your account list. Great possibility to improve the loyalty level to your account among the community.


“What goes around comes around”. This tool truly justifies the name of Instagram automation tool because it provides you with a real eeeeeeeeeee -making a reposting of your content! If you prefer to spend time with pleasure in your real life and don’t want to waste your time on the internet on content making, you can prepare your content for future postings for months forward. You can prepare every point: description text, hashtags, marked persons, location, and, of course, the picture.


Another good tool for those who need to keep close contact with subscribers and accounts clean from spam. Often, if a person is entered in something, he can ask something right under the post rather than going to your direct messages. In this way, his important comment may get lost between lots of other comments. TTT TTT TTT tracker is a tool that alerts you about all new questions from your fellowship or customers. You can set up trigger words that will launch this trigger, or, you can create a blacklist. Words that will activate the ban list mechanism will be deleted, so you can prevent your page from spam comments.


Is based on the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence. These technologies, which are built into its core system, allowed Inflact to bypass other bots at performance results. It performs more than 2.000 actions daily, which brings you 500 subscribers per week.

Fact, now allows you to use targeting based on hashtags, locations, and usernames. Other options will be able for using after a couple of months. We also design them at our core, so they will be faster and more effective than ever.

But even without them, our Instagram bot is still able to promote accounts for any purpose – business running, blogging, or other personal motives.

In this way, we already satisfied the desires of more than 1.500 clients! @janine_ks and @laura_bdn91Are promoting with us for less than a year, but already they get 50k subscribers. increase followers on instagram: click here

People who doubt using of the Instagram bot often ask the same question – is it safe to use Inflact “The answer is” -because our core is not only fast as lightning, it also safe as

If you also looking for a quick promotion with good results without any risks to your data like all our clients – don’t waste your time and join the most efficient Instagram bot – Inflact!

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