Tools Every Mobile Phone Repair at Kettering Must Possess

A cell phone is an integral part of modern life and is increasingly expected. Most individuals would be lost entirely if they couldn’t keep their phones with them at all times. As a result, fixing …

Mobile Phone Repair

A cell phone is an integral part of modern life and is increasingly expected. Most individuals would be lost entirely if they couldn’t keep their phones with them at all times. As a result, fixing broken mobile devices has risen in importance. Investing in a cell phone repair kit is a good idea whether you intend to make a living setting people’s phones professionally or you want to be able to help out your loved ones in times of need. Repairing a sophisticated mobile device requires specialized equipment; fortunately, many repair kits are available. In this blog post, we will go over some of the essential tools used by mobile phone repair in Kettering.

Mobile Phone Repair at Kettering Make Use of These Tools:

Here are some of the tools every mobile phone repair in Kettering makes use of;

Pry Bar:

Whenever attempting phone repair, among the first obstacles you’ll face is opening the device. Naturally, conducting essential maintenance won’t be accessible if a machine cannot be opened. That’s why a pry bar is integral to any high-quality smartphone repair kit. Using a standard screwdriver on your cell phone is a surefire way to break it, but a specially designed small pry bar won’t cause any harm. For example, the pry bar included in the available tools set has a 6mm diameter on one side and a 9mm diameter on the other so that it can be used on either 6mm or 9mm devices.


There are no significant components inside a smartphone. Anything that goes into a smartphone is picked since it is functional and compact enough to fit the bill. You will likely need magnification to view everything on the phone’s display. A decent kit will include tweezers and a magnifying glass to pick up tiny parts without stressing your eyes. Because of the integrated nature of these instruments, you may use only one hand to do all of their functions, freeing up your other hand to operate the gadget at hand.


A smartphone repair kit would be useless if there are a few bits that may be utilized to unscrew the fasteners that secure the gadget together. These parts are predictably diminutive in proportion to the tiny pins used by smartphone manufacturers. Select a kit that includes several different types of bits, so you aren’t obligated to be in the middle of a project because you need to possess the proper one. There is a limited variety of parts used in electronics, so an appropriate kit that includes a variety of elements should have all you need.

Sim Removal Pick:

The removal of the SIM card from a cell phone can be a challenging process, and it is not something that you would like to mess up for any reason.

Instead of attempting to make do with another tool not designed for the device, you can use the Basic SIM card removal tool built exclusively for the sole purpose of removing SIM cards. Whenever the pick is employed correctly, you can remove the SIM card from the device without causing any damage, allowing your repair to go according to plan.

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Mobile phone repair in Kettering requires having access to all of these various instruments. Because you have these tools, the quality of the repairs and adjustments performed on your phone will never be jeopardized. 

Get in touch with Spark Angels if you want an experienced technician to carry out the repairs for you. We provide the highest quality repair services at reasonable prices. So get in touch with us as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the same tools used for all cell phone repairs?

Repairing a cell phone without access to all the suggested tools may be achievable, but it will probably be a more challenging and time-consuming endeavor. If you have the proper tools, repairing the phone will be much simpler and more effective, and you will reduce the risk of damaging the phone or any of its parts.

From where can I purchase the required tools for mobile phone repairs?

Numerous vendors, mainly online stores, electrical shops, and specialized tool providers, sell the equipment to fix mobile phones. If you want to get the job done right and keep the phone and its parts in good shape, use excellent equipment from a reliable vendor.

Can I repair my phone without the needed tools?

Various kinds of cell phones may need different repair equipment due to subtle differences in components and build. Although screwdrivers and spudgers can be employed on multiple smartphone models, other instruments may only work on a select few. Whenever making any fixes, you should familiarize yourself with your phone model’s specific needs and ensure you have the tools available to prevent additional harm to the smartphone or its internal parts.

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