If you’re planning to hire professional academic writing services to help you with your academic papers, you need someone trustable and reliable. Unfortunately, as the number of similar services keeps increasing every day, it’s impossible to determine which one is the right fit for you.

In this review, I’ll provide an honest opinion about MyAssignmenthelp.com and Essaypro.com based on four factors that promote trust between services and customers:

  • Communication
  • Responsibility
  • Policies
  • Price Transparency

Is Essaypro.com Trustworthy?

According to Sitejabber.com, Essaypro.com ranks 1213th among the online essay writing services. However, with only 12 reviews on the website, it’s hard to make a sound decision regarding its services. Thus, I’ll highlight my personal experience using the website for a simple high school essay paper. For more read Essaypro Review


Essaypro.com provides three primary communication channels:

  • The 24*7 live chat
  • Calls (toll-free number for the USA and Canada)

The replies on all channels are relatively slow. The maximum I’ve had to wait for a response was 3 days. Moreover, the live chat depends too much on automated replies. So, if you want to connect with customer care, you’ll have to wait.


Essaypro.com doesn’t have an excellent reputation for taking responsibility when they fail to provide the services they’ve promised. According to one student, the instructor did not follow their specific instructions. As a result, they had to write the paper themselves.

Similarly, the essay I received had a plagiarism score of 89%. Once I pointed this out, the expert stopped replying.


Essaypro.com has a clear Revision and Refund policy where they’ve stated that students are eligible for free revisions within 20 days of receiving their assignment if it is over 30 pages. However, while the policies generally favour the students, the service barely resolves students’ queries once they submit the paper and uses loopholes to avoid providing refunds.

Price Transparency:

Essaypro.com has a helpful pricing chart where you can calculate the approximate price you’d need to pay for an assignment. Since the prices depend on multiple factors, they can vary if you edit these conditions later.

The minimum price starts from USD 10, slightly above the average price on most websites.

Is MyAssignmenthelp.com Trustworthy?

MyAssignmenthelp.com is a comparatively popular choice amongst students seeking professional writing services. According to Sitejabber, the service ranks 446th among online academic writing websites.


In addition to contact via the 24*7 live chat, calls and emails, MyAssignmenthelp.com has introduced a new point of contact – WhatsApp. This bodes well for students who face anxiety calling up customer care executives and would prefer to contact them over WhatsApp to resolve queries. From my experience, all the communication channels are very responsive, with the average reply time being less than an hour during working hours.


If you go through some MyAssignmenthelp reviews, it becomes apparent that the service isn’t perfect. Many students have highlighted how they’ve dealt with incorrect spellings and lack of research. However, MyAssignmenthelp.com is unlike most services that ignore these issues.

When I received my papers, I noticed that the expert had forgotten to mention a few specific points that I had requested. However, as soon as I brought it up with customer care, they promised to take care of the matter. Within 3 hours, I received the revised content.

Other students have had similar experiences. For example:


MyAssignmenthelp.com has very student-friendly policies. You can receive full refunds in case of:

  • Cancellation before any writer is assigned to the task
  • The inability of the service to provide you with the paper

Partial refunds are applicable when:

  • You cancel orders after the expert has been assigned to the task
  • Case-by-case basis, where you’re dissatisfied with the work

Additionally, you can seek free revisions for up to 30 days after receiving the paper, regardless of the length. Such policies are pretty favorable for the students.

Price Transparency

After thinking, “My assignment needs help!” and checking reviews to ensure the service you hire is reliable, the first thought that would cross your mind is, “God, I hope I don’t have to pay too much!” There’s no doubt that hiring professional academic writers can be pretty expensive. However, considering all the discounts MyAssignmenthelp.com offers, the final price is significantly more affordable than Essaypro.com.

Summing it up,

Essaypro.com won’t be the first academic writing service I’d recommend to my friends and colleagues. The service is slow and doesn’t bother to provide customer satisfaction. However, MyAssignmenthelp.com is a comparatively better choice. The assignment quality is higher, and you can enjoy plenty of additional perks.

Author bio:

Denny Martin is a professional academic writer at one of the most reliable websites, essay.reviews. He has years of expertise in creating highly engaging essays, assignments, research papers, thesis, case studies and other academic papers for students.


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