Olivia Korenberg Bio, Age, Height, Family, Net worth, and Other Info

Olivia Korenberg is an actress that belongs to the United States of America and is mostly recognized with reference to being the wife of Seann William Scott, who is a renowned American comedian, actor as …

Olivia Korenberg

Olivia Korenberg is an actress that belongs to the United States of America and is mostly recognized with reference to being the wife of Seann William Scott, who is a renowned American comedian, actor as well as producer.  

Olivia Korenberg was born in some part of 1989. As far as her association with Seann William Scott is concerned, it should be noted that the couple tied the knot and decided to get married in 2019. However, they have not yet revealed a lot of details about their children, siblings, or other family members on the internet on any social media platform.  

Whatsoever, let us tell you everything there is about the biography or wiki of Olivia Korenberg in this article in detail. That being said, feel free to stay with us as we proceed with the significant details about the life of Olivia Korenberg.  

Detailed Introduction to the Life of Olivia Korenberg 

As far as the race of Olivia Korenberg is concerned, she is commonly identified as a Jewish lady. This is because one of the parents of Olivia Korenberg was a firm devotee of Judaism, which can also be depicted by her surname that is Korenberg. 

It is also because of this reason that Olivia Korenberg has decided to keep her Instagram profile private and away from too much attention from her followers, fans, and the media.  

Focusing On the Educational Background of Sean Scott Wife 

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Sean Scott Wife, also commonly recognized as Olivia Korenberg, graduated from high school in the year 2006, after which she got enrolled to study French in Southern California. Apart from that, it should be noted that Olivia Korenberg currently possesses a master’s degree in the field of Masters of Interior Design which she got from the University of California situated in Los Angeles.  

Sean Scott is the spouse of Olivia Korenberg, who is a well-known comedian and American actor. Although Sean Scott has actively contributed to a significant number of TV shows and films over the years, one of his renowned contributions involves his role as Steve Stifler in the American Pie franchise. Apart from this, Sean Scott is also known for his remarkable role as Doug Glatt in Goon, which was released in 2017 as a comedy and sports movie.  

The husband of Olivia Korenberg, Sean Scott, is also recognized for his active contributions to several other shows, such as Lethal Weapon This Country and Ice Age, which is an animated movie series.  

All About the Physical Appearance and Age of Olivia Korenberg 

Olivia Korenberg was born in 1989, which is why she is around 32 years old, according to 2021. As long as her weight and height are concerned, it is to be noted that Olivia Korenberg stands at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches, which is equal to about 173 centimeters. Furthermore, she weighs 62 kilograms which equals about 134 lbs in pounds.  

As she is the wife of a well-known comedian and actor, Olivia Korenberg has caught the attention of the general public enormously, and news about her has spread all over the internet and social media platforms.  

If we talk about the interests and likings of Olivia Korenberg, it should be known to the general public that Olivia Korenberg is a woman who has a lot of love and consideration for nature and humanity. This is because Olivia Korenberg actively works for human causes and wishes to promote the feelings of comfort and peace for every individual. That sounds amazing, right?  

Learning About the Career Achievements of Sean Scott Wife  

In the present times, Olivia Korenberg is the proud owner and co-founder of a boutique firm with the name ‘Two-Fold LA.’ Apart from this, Olivia Korenberg also specializes in the fields of residential and commercial interior design, event-based styling, and design-based consultation.  

Whatsoever, Olivia stepped down as the primary designer of the above-mentioned firm in the mid of August 2019.  

What is the Net Worth of Olivia Korenberg? 

It is a well-known fact that Olivia Korenberg has done a wide range of jobs over the course of her expanded career. That being said, it is to be noted that she has now allowed herself to be financially stable by owning numerous businesses.  

So, at the current stage of her life, Olivia Korenberg has a net worth of about $500,000 USD approximately. Isn’t it amazing? 


Olivia Korenberg is commonly known for being the wife of a famed American actor and comedian, whose name is Sean Scott. We have mentioned everything about her in this detailed article. 

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