Travelling across the country has become easy due to the train. You can easily visit almost every city by train at an affordable price. Travelling is fun but booking train tickets is not fun at all, especially when you have to wait in the long queues! In order to avoid standing in long queues, switch to online train ticket booking services! You can now book your train tickets online by making a few clicks over your mobile screen or laptop. The present era is the advanced one in which we can do everything quickly and digitally, from booking tickets to ticket confirmation to checking your ticket’s live location.   


Advantages of train ticket booking online 

We have to face many difficulties when we make ticket bookings offline. While in the online mode, you do not have to face any difficulty. Following are some of the advantages of booking railways tickets online- 

Saves your time

Everyone loves to travel via train as it is one of the most affordable options for travelling. But nobody like the process of booking train tickets, that too by the crowd. The obvious first thing that comes to mind is the long queue, as the offline ticket booking procedure is a tough one. Everybody is busy nowadays, and nobody has so much time to stand in big queues for long hours and sometimes because of this reason, we even have to cancel our travel plans. But if you switch to online booking mode, you can save time. Within a few minutes, your tickets will be confirmed, saving you time as well as energy!

Book your train tickets conveniently

You do not need to visit the railway station to book train tickets. Instead, get your ticket booked from the comfort of your home or from anywhere, just by using an online railway booking app. An online train ticket is very convenient to book tickets online. Skip your waiting part and book tickets online.

Get multiple safe payment options

Always check that the website you are using in booking online tickets is completely genuine, as a genuine website will always take care of the safety of the customers’ payments. Book your tickets without any hesitation by using an online rail ticket booking app.

Check train schedules, too

If you are doing your railway ticket booking online, you can check the schedule of your train anytime, such as timetable, arrival and departure time, live status, etc. You can find the train routes as well as the arrival and departure timings of each train.

Proper recording

The initiation of ticket booking software programs has made it simpler for the assortment of proper travel papers and details for the passengers. The physical ticket might get crumble. But in the online process, you will get a confirmation in your mail as well on your phone number.


An additional benefit of online ticket booking is the discounts one can avail of from different online websites. The online train booking app provides cash book and various discounts and offers, which you can avail of later on.

24*7 support

We are here to help you out when you need assistance. If you face any difficulty while booking train tickets online, you can directly contact a customer care executive anytime, 24*7. The support staff will help you to resolve your problem at the earliest. 

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Factors to keep in mind while making online booking train booking 

Requires a good internet connection

The biggest disadvantage of online booking is that one needs to have an internet connection to book tickets online. Without an internet connection, it is impossible to book online tickets as the app becomes a body without a soul and hence if there is no internet connection, then an online booking is just not possible.

Maintain extreme caution while making a booking

Another problem with online booking is that the chances of errors are high, and many times people end up booking the wrong tickets or selecting the wrong dates. Even when you have entered the wrong details, the software cannot cross-check it as you only know the entire details. 

Requires knowledge of technology

In the case of a developed world, where the majority of the population is tech savvy, online ticket booking is not an issue, but there is still a majority of the population who is not as advanced as today’s generation in technology. The use of online booking apps can get restricted sometimes. 


Conclusion –  

Railways are undoubtedly the most affordable way to travel in India, and as a trustworthy travel brand, Trainman understands the value of your money and desire to travel. To make your train ticket booking more convenient, they are now tied up with IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism). As for the cons, every good thing has some pros and cons attached to it, and in this case, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Customers can book their tickets in the most convenient way at the website. No traveller needs to worry anymore! Allow them to fix everything for you. They are one of the leading online train ticket booking platforms. Also, it is one of the fastest train ticket booking apps. Book your train tickets online without any hassle with them. 


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