Broke your phone and don’t know what to do? Read these insider tips by Cell Phone Repair Stores in Calgary to determine if you need to take your phone to a phone repair store or if you can fix it by yourself.

Smartphones have changed the way we connect with friends and family and the way we work. Earlier, phones were large and were used only for calling purposes. But now, we rely on our cell phones for even our day-to-day tasks such as navigation, work and updates about the world and communication, ofcourse. 

They have become so important in our lives that we feel uncomfortable when our phones do not work properly or when we have to leave them at the repair store to get them fixed. So what should you do if you have broken your phone?

Keep reading the blog to learn insider phone repair tips.

Tips on Phone Repair by Cell Phone Repair Stores in Calgary

According to the experts of cell phone repairs in Calgary, when your phone falls by accident or stops working all of a sudden, You should first diagnose the issue yourself and see if it can be fixed at home before rushing it to a phone repair store. Some fixes are complex and cannot be done by yourself. Hence, on such occasions taking your phone to a reputable phone repair store in Calgary is a must, such as Cell n Tech, which has a team of certified technicians who makes use of the right tools to fix all your phone issues.

Experts recommend taking your phone to a certified and reputable cell phone repair centre because taking it to an unauthorised phone repair shop or quick fix-it place can further damage your phone while making it ineligible for phone repair warranties.

Following are some common issues people face, so before you panic and take your phone to your nearest local or quick fix-it place, you should listen to what the experts say.

Phone Speakers Not Working

Broken speakers cannot only cause issues while communicating on calls but also cause problems when you listen to podcasts or watch videos online. But, before you rush to a phone repair shop to get the issue fixed. Inspect your device and see if there are any external damages. If not, make sure your device has the latest software update. You can also try troubleshooting by restarting your phone or refreshing it. If your phone speakers still do not work, then taking your phone to a reputable phone repair store in Calgary would be the right decision. 

Phone Overheated

Sun’s harsh rays can cause damage to a phone’s internal components. So if you have spent a sunny day on the beach or left your phone in a heated car and your phone has stopped working, it is mainly because of the extreme temperature. 

So before you panic, take your phone back to a normal temperature and exit from all the apps. You should also inspect if your phone’s battery is okay and not leaking. It is highly recommended to take all the precautions suggested by the phone’s manufacturer, such as not using the phone above 95 degrees.

Phone Not Turning On

Before you start believing that your phone is not working because of some external damage, you should know that the phone usually stops working in extreme weather. So if you’re in a very cold or hot temperature, consider taking your phone to a normal room temperature and try troubleshooting by restarting it. The phone could also have a software or a battery problem, in which case you should take it to a well-known cell phone repair store in Calgary to get it diagnosed and fixed. 

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