Professional Kitchen Chef Knives Series Review

Knife & Knives presents an innovation: the Professional kitchen chef knives series with a bold design and remarkable practicality. The products are available with black and white handles, allowing consumers to choose the right option …

Professional kitchen chef knives series

Knife & Knives presents an innovation: the Professional kitchen chef knives series with a bold design and remarkable practicality. The products are available with black and white handles, allowing consumers to choose the right option for their kitchen interior. Let’s see what are the representatives of this series and recommend the use of knives.

Main Features

The Professional kitchen chef knives series are designed for kitchen essentials. The model range includes the most popular items: Chef, Station Wagon, and Slicer. High-quality but expensive materials are used in production, so the selling price of the product is quite democratic. There are no highly specialized blades in this group. However, the versatility of these knives lies in all the features. Let’s consider them in more detail:

Steel Blade – AUS-8

This is Japanese steel – an improved version of the usual stainless steel, but harder, stronger, and more resistant to mechanical stress. It is a characteristic of alloying elements: chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, silicon, and others. The blade is hardened to a hardness of 58 HRC. It has a high personality, but due to sufficient flexibility and wear resistance, the plate is not sensitive to moisture and bending. The cutting edge is hard and thus can stay sharp for a long time without needing to be sharpened frequently. You can restore its sharpness with your hands, this steel lends itself well to sharpening water stones.

The Handle Material is ABC Plastic

Inexpensive and relatively durable material. For home use, its resistance is sufficient for years of continuous use. The surface is smooth, does not collect dirt, and fits comfortably in the hand. The shape of the handle has smooth curves for a comfortable grip in the palm of the hand. 

Thanks for the Installation

The shank of the blade extends across the body of the handle, which is protected by plastic plates. This is one of the most reliable and durable methods of attaching handles. The absence of unnecessary joints and screws is a plus of this series. These knives do not rub against the palm of the hand, even with long and intense cuts.

Presence of Reinforcement

An antibacterial bolster is a type of isthmus, which is a thickening of metal between the blade and the handle. It closes all the cracks in the area and thus prevents food particles from sticking, thereby increasing the cleanliness of the appliance. The bracket also improves the balance of the knife, making it easier to cut.

Long Blade

All representatives of this series have a characteristic shape of the cutting blade – wide at the base and as narrow as possible at the tip. This shape is useful for slicing, slicing, and slicing, for example mincing garlic or mincing garlic. This means that the base is more suitable for hard work and the tip for fine work.

Series Composition

The Professional kitchen chef knives range includes three main types of knives that are most in demand in the kitchen. With it, you can make any type of sliced ​​or diced meat and fish, and cut vegetables or sausage into thin strips. Each model has its own features. Let’s examine them in detail.

Chef Knife

An important knife in any kitchen. The blade of the Professional kitchen chef knives family is 21 cm. Cutting edge sharpness and durability are combined with ease of sharpening and maintenance. The knife is multifunctional: it is easy to cut, slice and cut meat and fish carcasses. The blade has a fairly thick stock taper and the cutting edge is very thin and sharp. The knife easily cuts products of different densities without requiring much effort from the cook.


This versatile knife is perfect for everyday cooking for both amateurs and professionals. Suitable for cleaning and cutting all vegetables and fruits, working with stomachs, and deboning steaks. The blade is 170 cm long, which is slightly longer than many other generalists, but shorter than the blade length. In addition, this knife has a rather wide base, while similar models from other series have almost the same blade size along the entire length, which limits the range somewhat. The knife is well balanced, fits comfortably in the hand, and cuts easily thanks to the sharp edge. A case where beautiful looks meet high functionality.

For Slicing

This knife is specially designed for finely chopped products. Refers to meat, fish, cheese, appetizers, and dishes. The length of the blade is about 30 cm, which means that it is easy to cut large pieces of meat with a knife and flatten large pieces of fish, for example, trout. A moderate twist of the blade helps to easily form bone and cartilage, separating thin slices. The presence of antibacterial reinforcement is particularly important in this application, there are no cracks or joints, which means that food particles will not be able to freeze or rot in the body of the knife. In addition, this all-new innovation with a narrow tip is suitable for cutting large vegetables and fruits, melons, melons, and pumpkins.

Thus, as we have seen, using the Professional kitchen chef knives series of knives brings aesthetic and practical pleasure, provides great convenience in cutting, and makes cooking fun. The price of the blade is affordable for the average consumer and makes this acquisition a worthwhile investment. Long service life, sharpness, ease of sharpening, resistance to wear and damage – these knives have all the necessary features for a long service life without losing the quality of the cut.

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