Saudi citizens are apply in sequence for a visa to Turkey

According to data from the Saudi citizenship authorities. Saudi people may apply online for a visa to Turkey or residence permit of Turkey Visa for Saudi Citizens. varieties of visa The various visa options may …

visa to Turkey

According to data from the Saudi citizenship authorities. Saudi people may apply online for a visa to Turkey or residence permit of Turkey Visa for Saudi Citizens.

varieties of visa

The various visa options may be of interest to you if you’re a citizen of Saudi and want to go to Turkey. The following are the steps for acquiring a visa:

  1. Determine if a tourist visa or a residence permit is required initially. Turkish embassies and consulates across the globe provide tourist visas, which are good for up to 30 days. On the other hand, if you want to remain in Turkey for a period of time longer than 90 days, you must get a resident visa. The Turkish government always gladly grants these permissions.
  2. If acquiring a tourist visa is require, have your passport photographs ready and complete the required application papers on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( A valid return or onward ticket, together with identification documentation and enough money, are additional requirements (around USD50 per day). Visa requests may be submitted online or by mail.

Saudi Visa for Important Purpose

To enter Turkey, Saudi nationals need a current visa. Before you may submit an application for a good cause visa, you must complete a number of tasks. We’ll guide you through the procedure for requesting a good cause visa in this post.

Putting together the required papers is the first step in making a good cause visa request. Your passport, Cypriot identification card, and any other documents that attest to your identity and citizenship fall under this category. You should also bring any letters or medical records that provide evidence for your need to travel Turkey.

Mandatory Forms

Citizens of Saudi who want to go to Turkey must apply for a visa. How to apply for a Turkish visa is fully explained on this website.

a visa application that is correctly completed (available from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in Saudi)

Before completing your application form, please read the following instructions.

-The application must be completed in whole and legibly. Each field has to be filled out. There is no place for applicant marks.

All relevant paperwork must provide in PDF format. Your papers won’t accept if they’re not in PDF format. These need to present to the visa appointment or convert to PDF files.

Your application form must include accurate, current, and whole information. Your application might be denied if any mistakes are discovere. Requiring you to start the visa application procedure again from begin.

go to Turkey

If you are a citizen of Saudi, you are allowed a 180-day visa-free stay in Turkey for up to 90 days. On the day of your first admission, you are no longer need to have a visa to enter Turkey. If you want to remain more than 90 days, you must apply for a visa in advance. The following is how to apply:

  1. Visit your nation’s Turkish embassy or consulate.
  2. Complete an application form and attach the required paperwork. Your passport, a recent passport-size photo, your citizenship certificate from Cyprus (if applicable), a confirmation of your hotel reservation, and sufficient cash to cover your stay in Turkey are all on this list. Keep in mind that if the visa application form is different from the one needed for Turkey, you will also need one for the nation you are going. The websites of the Turkish embassy and consulate include further information.
  3. Submit the required paperwork and payment (see below).

For Turkey’s Mandatory Immigration Procedures, Different Documents Are Necessary

You need a visa if you’re a citizen of East Timor and wish to travel or live in Turkey. Despite the fact that this method could seem a bit intimidating at first, it shouldn’t be too challenging if you have access to some useful information and guidance. Here is a list of all the paperwork you will need to apply for a Turkey Visa for East Timor Citizens:

  1. You must have proof of your East Timor citizenship in your passport.
  2. In addition to your current East Timor passport, you must also provide the supporting papers specified below.


Turkish entry requires a visa for citizens of East Timor. Here is a manual with step-by-step directions for requesting a Turkish visa. Fill out the application and submit it. Take two passport photographs and the applicant’s passport to a Turkish East Timor photo studio. Only use a Turkish East Timor agency if you are assure the photos will taken properly. While you wait, postpone applying for a visa.

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