Style Guide for Different Type of Diamond Earrings For Women

By | September 22, 2022
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Women often add earrings to their outfits to emphasize grace, attractiveness, and elegance. She feels regal when wearing earrings. The majority of earrings are made for ladies. Men can also wear diamond jewelry, such as earrings. However, the majority of earrings are only made for women. 

Earrings evolved as a representation of gender and a mark of identity over time. Women wore earrings even in antiquity as the earlobe is often linked to social standing and financial security. As you may expect, this is even more true for diamond earrings. 

Categories In the Diamond Earrings 

Some of the significant categories of diamond earrings that women have always had are as follows. 

  • Studs
  • Hoops
  • Drops
  • Day & night
  • Clip Ons
  • Huggies
  • Dangles
  • Chandeliers
  • J-Hoops

Let’s now look more profoundly at each of these categories. 

Studs Earrings

One of the most well-known kinds of diamond earrings is studs, and the most renowned type of earrings is studs.

Studs give a small appearance and are often effortless earrings. They stay fit for everyday use. You can choose the size, shape, and material of the earrings according to your taste.

However, one thing that all the studs have in common is that they stay directly attached to the earlobe and don’t dangle.

Solitaire studs are one of the most famous and classic examples of stud earrings. The diamond studs can glam up every outfit and every occasion. You won’t have to worry about overdoing it with anything. For most, women’s diamond stud earrings act as one of the jewelry pieces every woman should own.

Hoops Earrings

Most women fall in love with hoop earrings and never go out of style due to the look and elegance they provide. Distinctive diamond hoop earrings are the shape to fall in love with. 

And the variety of different styles they come in obviously gives striking beauty. 

From tiny sapphire diamond earrings of 10 mm to absurdly enormous hoops of more than 70 mm! Celebrities frequently spot the aforementioned giant XL hoops. However, many hoops are a little more deft and refined. Small hoop earrings are appropriate for an everyday outfit. While larger hoops are viewed as more suitable for nighttime wear.


As you can guess from the name, Diamond drop earrings swing below the earlobe focusing all the attention on your jawline and neck. 

These earrings are often stationary or move just a little bit like a swing. Often, the earring is all one piece, but sometimes they are not solid. However, this happens completely on rare occasions.  

For example, when a diamond hangs with a gemstone. In the arrangement, the diamond stays on the top and the gemstone on the bottom. But most often, they are merely one whole. 

These earrings do not have the flexibility as drop earrings usually do not come in huge sizes. Drop earrings look similar to dangle earrings, but never confuse them. These are both different styles of earrings. However, remember, If the drop earring features a pear-cut diamond, you can call it a teardrop earring.

Day & night

There are several names for these earrings. However, the names Day & Night and Day to Night earrings are more commonly used. These diamonds are made up of many components. This indicates that there are various ways to wear it. Typically, the “naked” portion resembles a solitaire earring or a pair of stud earrings. 

You can attach a different detachable portion to it separately. These diamond earrings are called Day & Night because the bare piece can be worn during the day. Simply add the other component when getting dressed for a fancy night out, and you are set to go.

Clip Ons

For those who don’t have pierced ears, clip-ons are the best choice. After all, some want to take their earrings off more easily than others.

Clip-ons are also the best choice for those who want to buy earrings for children.  If you also don’t have pierced ears, clip-on earrings are a great option. These earrings attach to your ear after gently applying a little pressure to them from both sides of the earlobe. The market has various clip-ons, such as screws, backs, sliding springs, and magnetic earrings.

These earrings are also uncomfortable to some as the non-pierced earrings fall off easily. And well, some do! The choice depends on you. 


Huggie hoops are a type of hoop earring, technically speaking. However, I wanted to talk about them independently. Not only are diamond Huggies highly fashionable, but they are also a little thicker than typical hoop earrings. They are nearly always present in the jewelry boxes of serious diamond lovers. 

Most likely, you might find them on your Instagram feed as well. Everyone, from influencers to celebs, demonstrates how to rock these diamond Huggies. The huggie hoop earrings wrap the earlobe tightly. The term comes from the way they appear to hug the earlobe. The hinge on these earrings is typically (almost) undetectable when worn because of how snugly they fit.


In the jewelry world, people often confuse dangles for drops. But they don’t know the common fact that a dangle can act as a drop, but a drop cannot.

Drop earrings do not offer free movements. They move along with the body. But diamond dangle earrings typically hang below the earlobe and swing around across your neck and earlobe. 

Countless styles, sizes, and types of dangle earrings offer you short and modest earrings like a single chain dropping from the hook and holding all the diamonds and gems in it.

However, dangle earrings have more power. They can also go long and have multiple layers per the jeweler’s intention or the buyer’s. Some dangle earrings can reach your shoulders due to their size.


Chandeliers are not only the lavish ballrooms that you often see in homes. But we are talking about chandelier earrings. Instead of on the ceiling, the chandelier is attached to your ear. Chandelier earrings look like elegant light fixtures, just like a chandelier on the top. They can instantly draw attention to your face, just like chandeliers bring all the attention to the ceilings. There are many diamonds, but if you try sapphire and diamond earrings in a chandelier, they look extravagant, classic, and fashionable at the same time. 


The J-hoops are a different style of diamond earring that you might anticipate going under the hoop category. The name “J-hoop” refers to the style of the earrings. The j-hoop appears more like a partial circle than a complete circle and has an open back. The earring’s remaining portion resembles the letter J. J-hoops, similar to huggie hoop earrings in design, but they don’t go all the way around.

Wrapping Up!

You know the various types of diamond earrings. The kind of earrings you go with your taste and the occasion. However, you should always pick something you can wear daily without overthinking about it. If you are struggling to find the pair you want to go with, don’t worry. You can always visit the Certified Jewelry Store. They are the best online jewelry store, where you can buy different types of classic and fine jewelry at affordable prices. 

All the jewelry is just for you if you want to stand out at a special event. You can have something more significant for a special occasion like a party or anything. Or, if you like to go a little casual, you can go and always browse Certified Jewelry’s collection of diamonds.

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