Different programming languages are used for different purposes also they have different specialties, advantages as well as disadvantages. Some are good for the web development purposes like PHP, JavaScript, and HTML while others are used for software development and machine learning like python, R, etc.

Students who are doing computer science often need programming assignment help to complete their assignments. They do not understand how to approach the particular assignment topic and are very confuse about selecting the correct language. If you are also facing such a problem, then you must read this blog post. Here we will discuss different types of computer programming languages.

Most popular computer programming language

There are many types of programming languages. The exact number is in thousands. But 50 of them are the most popular programming languages. All these languages are divided into five categories.

1. Procedural programming language:

Such languages carry out different types of statements, leading to a common result. They also used different variables, heavy loops, and elements which make them different from other functional programming languages.

Getting the best assignment help to learn more about such difference. With this these languages also control variables. The languages fit into this category used for various purposes like software development & scripts. Some of the common examples are C, Java, Basic, etc.

2. Functional programming language:

These programming languages use stored data. The primary function of such programming languages is to return the value of functions & side effects. Thus they are easier to find an abstract issue.

They are made specially to handle the computation and list processing requests. They are basically based on mathematical functions. Some examples of these languages are Python, Lisp, Haskell, etc. Get the best programming assignment to help you learn more about it.

3. Object-oriented languages:

OOL programming languages handle the software design around data/objects rather than functions. It also has unique attributes & behavior, which makes the structure of software more accessible.

Some common examples are C++, Python, Java & JavaScript, etc. Seek the best assignment help to learn more about such languages. Some expected benefits of this language are:

  • These languages make complex things as reproductive and simple structures.
  • It is use across different programs.
  • They allow for class-specific behavior.
  • It is easier to debug.
  • It also secures and protects information.

4. Scripting programming language:

They are procedural-type languages that comprise object-oriented elements. Sometimes these languages are not consider full-fledged programming languages because they do not have a compile-time checking system. Also, they used a very small syntax.

5. Logic programming language:

Such languages do not tell the computer how to do something. Instead, it tells what it must be done by restricting certain activities. These also include ideas & features from different domains, which increase the usefulness of other language languages.

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