What are the different types of custom retail packaging?

Retail packaging is the ultimate way to give your customers a healthy experience in buying a product. Many brands opt for top-level design to ace the market and mark their position among competitors in the …

custom retail boxes for packaging

Retail packaging is the ultimate way to give your customers a healthy experience in buying a product. Many brands opt for top-level design to ace the market and mark their position among competitors in the race. For this, you need your packaging should a top-notch to influence your customers instantly. Packaging has a great impact on the quality of products as well. So, it is no surprise anymore that custom retail packaging is of great importance than ever before. In research, researchers noticed that almost more than half of customers when buying a product off the shelf noticed the packaging than being introduced to the product. And then custom retail packing is the biggest deciding factor that comes into play.

Retail packaging is not only about product safety but also about selecting a unique material, vibrant colors, memorable unboxing experience, and each and everything that can influence the customer’s mind while purchasing a product. The followings are the different types of retail boxes.

Plastic packaging boxes:

Plastic can be used for making different things like paperclips or spaceships. Boxes made of plastic for packing products are one of the best options because they can be recycled and are stronger than cardboard. Using airtight plastic packaging is a good way to protect and store the products for a longer period. Plastic wrappers are durable enough to store food for a longer period. Products wrapped in plastic papers can display at any angle without having to open the packaging. Plastics made the packaging attractive and flexible to seal and open.

Flexible custom folding cartons:

If you want your products to be delivered on time and want to keep your food fresh and for a longer period flexible folding cartons are the best option to use. These are best for customer-facing products. Custom folding cartons are lightweight, easy to open, and easy to customize.  These are basically for packing makeup products, or anything related to the cosmetic industry. These folding cartons give an extra layer of protection to your product and give more room to shine.

Cardboard packaging boxes:

Another type of retail packaging is paperboard boxing for the products. Despite being lightweight cardboard boxes are strong and durable. Cardboard can be cut in any shape and design according to the product demand. Therefore, paperboard is the best choice for packaging. Cardboard boxes are made by converting fibrous wood fibers using waste papers as raw material and then it is bleached after. Cardboard boxes are not specific for some products rather can be used for various purposes.

Branded retail gift packaging:

Using branded retail gift packing can influence the customer and run your business to turn functional packaging into a valuable marketing tool. Beautifully designed gift boxes give your brand a chance to give your customers the feeling of receiving a gift whether it is for a friend or their own. Gift boxes add an exciting element to your product whether it is on the shelf or on its way to delivery through courier service.

Sealable foil retail bags:

Sealable foil bags are mostly used for tea or coffee packaging because they keep the product safe from fungus and the flavor of the product remains for a longer period. These bags help in preventing bacteria from entering the product and keep it fresh for a longer period. Moreover, you can cover clothes and bedding products in foil-sealed bags. These bags are tight enough so that oxygen cannot enter and it prevents bacteria and fungi to grow. Foods like bread, dried fish, cheese, cured meat, etc came in foil-sealed bags.

Corrugated custom boxes:

Corrugate custom boxes are also called cardboard boxes. These boxes are used for shipping large-size products. If the product is large enough and heavy, then corrugate boxes are made according to the strength and durability of the product. Corrugated material is unique and easy to find. For these custom boxes paper is used in three layers., an outer layer, an inner layer, and a corrugated board. These boxes are strong because of the corrugated medium used in them.

Rigid retail boxes:

These types of custom boxes are rigid because they consist of thick paperboard four times more to make the box a regular carton. The most common rigid retail boxes are mostly used for storing iPhones and iPads.  Rigid boxes are two-piece setups with double the price of corrugated and paperboard boxes. These types of boxes don’t need costly dies so they are mostly handmade. Rigid retail boxes are flats, so they increase their shipping volume. Due to this their shipping charges are higher. Rigid retail boxes are mostly used for cosmetics, fashion, and luxury goods.

Final thoughts:

So, innovative retail packaging is a way for brands to have an emotional connection with their customers. And using these types of the custom retail packaging can attract buyers to your brands easily.

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