What Is Commemorative Speech? A Complete Guide

A commemorative speech is a kind of speech given in tribute to a person, place, idea, or values. It should deliver meaning and honor your subject of speech in the right way. Written in a …


A commemorative speech is a kind of speech given in tribute to a person, place, idea, or values. It should deliver meaning and honor your subject of speech in the right way. Written in a unique style to fit your topic and purpose, a commemorative speech is mostly very moving. It has been delivered famously by many public figures and used to inspire people. It may also promote a cause, movement, or event. These are the reasons why it is also often called a ceremonial speech.

Commonly, a commemorative speech is delivered on occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and funerals. It evokes emotion in the listeners through remembrance and praise of a subject. If rightly delivered, a commemorative speech is an incredibly powerful tool.

In this blog, we will cover the important steps you will need to follow to excel in a commemorative speech. If it seems difficult regardless, then hire Top Essay Writing to write the perfect speech for you.

What Is Commemorative Speech? A Complete Guide

 A commemorative speech is one that is delivered in honor of something. This may be an idea, a movement, an event, or a person. Its purpose is to promote a subject and with that inspire people. A commemorative speech talks to people’s emotions. Hence, it is a highly valuable tool known for building communication skills.

Following is the guide on how you can achieve just that. From writing your speech to delivering it, everything is covered in three parts.

Part I: Writing your speech

Determine your topic and purpose of the speech

The first thing you must do before you can begin is to choose a topic. Explore your options and see what best fits your motives. Which topic are you the most comfortable with? After doing so, understand your purpose in writing and giving the speech. This will allow you to concentrate on your objectives and not stray away.

Whatever your purpose is will drive you to shape your speech in the right manner. This is why this must be your first step toward writing and planning your commemorative speech.

Brainstorm creative ideas

Once you have decided on your topic and purpose for the speech, start brainstorming. You must give yourself time to come up with creative ideas to write a good speech.

Explore different styles and perspectives you can share. Choose the most important points that you must address in your speech. Decide on these factors beforehand, so you know what to write and how to shape your speech.

Understand your audience

Knowing your audience is very important. Even the best speeches can fail if it is presented to the wrong audience. What reaction do you think you will get if you made a harry potter reference to the boomer generation? It is going to be an embarrassing failure right? This is exactly why it is important to do some research on your audience. Keeping that in mind you can write a strong speech.

Start strong

Start your speech with a joke, or maybe with an inspiring quote. These are always good ways to start a speech. The point here is to start strong. It means that your speech is able to catch the audience’s attention from the very start.

If you are successful in doing so, the positive reaction from the audience will also boost your confidence. It will reflect on your entire speech. So, when you start writing your speech, make sure to give it a kick-start with a strong first-liner.

Part II: Before giving the speech

Practice your storytelling

A Practice is a crucial aspect of any performance. Practice the skills that you need to present your speech. The most important element of commemorative speeches is storytelling. Not all people are born with these skills, but they can still be developed in any person. All you need is enough practice. So. Sharpen your skills by practicing frequently before your speech.

Practice your speech with your peers, friends, or family

Giving a speech in front of an audience can be stressful. This is why it is suggested to always practice your speech in front of your peers or anyone else beforehand.  It gives you the confidence to speak in front of your real audience at the time. You may also receive very important feedback on your speech and how you present it.

Get comfortable with the surroundings

It is always a good idea to reach your venue a little early. Get comfortable with your surrounding so you feel less nervous. Your ability to confidently present your speech will also have a positive impact. Thus, many people choose to do this. Also reaching the venue early may give you some time to socialize with people. Some familiar faces in the crowd can help you calm your nerves. You will be able to engage well with the audience and speak comfortably.

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Part III: While giving the speech

Speak with confidence

This is the purpose of discussing many of the tips mentioned above. In the end, your confidence while speaking is going to have the most impact. Your audience will engage more and listen with focus if you have good communication skills.

Make the audience visualize the scenario

When speaking of events or people or anything at all, talk in a manner that helps them visualize. Describe your scenario, event, or person with just the right words. Speak with confidence and emotions that appeal to them. The right combination of words, interaction and confidence can help you execute this.

Speak to people’s emotions

The entire purpose of a commemorative speech is delivered when you are able to bring out people’s emotions. Speak your effect into existence. If you are able to move your audience then be assured your speech will be the most memorable. They will feel closer to your subject of discussion. That is the key element of a successful speech.

Engage your audience

Interact with your audience. Don’t let them doze off because they feel bored listening to you. Build their interest in the discussion and keep that energy maintained till the end of the speech. You are bound to get the loudest cheers and claps for your speech. So, engage them, inspire them, and move them with your speech.


This is the ultimate guide for you to write and deliver the best commemorative speech. You may skip Part I if you choose to get your speech written by Law Essay Writing. Focus and practice points discussed in Part II and III to ensure you deliver your speech in the best way. Stay confident and interact with your audience. Move them and inspire them with your speech. In the end, remember that a successful commemorative speech is one that does justice in honoring your subject.

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