What Rolex Issues Can Your Watch Repair Business Handle?

By | September 22, 2022
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Rolex is a leading quality brand that is considered the epitome of timepieces. It’s a luxury brand, and every person has this item on their bucket list or wishlist. The Rolex watch is passed down to generations as it stays with you for a very long time. That’s why everyone wants this possession.

Rolex is durable, sleek, and a style statement for people because not everyone can afford it. The ones who own a Rolex know its worth and do everything possible to keep its top quality and brand new after decades. However, despite Rolex’s phenomenal features, it does need maintenance from time to time. Because no matter how well-crafted and well-designed a timepiece is, it is not unerring. The average service time for it is ten years. Apart from that, there can be unfortunate incidents where you break your Rolex or get it damaged accidentally. In such cases, you need a Rolex watch repair.

Are you getting repaired a precious Rolex piece?

The thought scares you, right?

But it won’t if you will take your Rolex to an authentic watch repair shop. There are a bunch of trustworthy Rolex watch repair technicians, especially the ones that can specifically solve all the Rolex repair issues. You must ensure they can handle your watch’s issues efficiently and use reliable tools like watch repair software.

Let’s go through some Rolex watch issues your customers bring you. Does your repair business handle all these issues?

Watch Hand Replacement

The Rolex watch has beautiful hands having radium at the ends. The radium glows in the dark. Now the hands have multiple issues. The first one is they get oxidized and dirty and lose their shine. Secondly, the radium loses its glow which completely defeats its purpose of benefiting you by looking at time in the dark. This issue is handled by cutting and cleaning the hands to restore their shine. A special diamond cutter is used for this purpose as the hands are really sensitive and crucial.

Dial Restoration

Your vintage Rolex watch dials naturally fade away. This is not a fault but a sign that the watch is authentic. If that’s the case, you can get the watch dial restored just as new as it was. It will bring back its shine and original condition. The watch dial is polished and dried by using special liquids, luminous compounds, and instruments, making it brand new.

Dial Crystal Replacement

A Rolex owner is extremely peculiar for his timepiece and would not bear even a spot in it. But just like your cell phone, your watch also goes through a lot, especially the screen. So it needs a watch repair. The most common problem with the Rolex’s delicate crystal is that it gets scratched, or worse, cracked. An acrylic or sapphire crystal is used to replace the crystal to fix it. If a customer does not want to replace it, he can thoroughly get his Rolex crystal polished. The watch technicians carefully polish out the scratches from the crystal and make it shiny as new.

Watch Bracelet Fixture

It is one of the most common problems faced by Rolex watch owners. Usually, the bracelet gets loose and is not properly connected to the watch dial. In addition to that, the strap wears away due to tarnishing, damage, tattering, or any other effects. Whether your strap is made of leather, metal, silicone, or any other, it is prone to damage.

Watch Crown Fixture

The complex problem Rolex owners face with watch repair is the broken crown. It gets loose when winded continuously over time. Plus, the case tube threading is worn out. This is a problem because you set time by using the crown. However, it can be fixed by replacing it with a real Rolex crown and threaded tube cases. You just have to be careful about the repair business, which has authentic Rolex repair parts.

Watch Bezel Fixture

A vintage Rolex watch has elegant bezels circulating the outer side of the dial. With the passage of time, the gold fluted bezel color fades away or is worn out. Sometimes it is broken, or its pieces get detached. It completely ruins the look of the Rolex. So, it should be replaced carefully as no regular bezel can match the standard of your Rolex. In order to restore its sharp look, the bezel is cut and polished, whereas the broken pieces are filled with genuine repair parts. It is a bit expensive since some Rolex watches have bezels engraved with diamond pieces.

These are the major issues faced by Rolex watch owners. If your repair business can handle these, you are an expert Rolex watch repair business. Even though the percentage of people having Rolex is not much, it is enough to cover a chunk of the watch repair market because no matter how expensive a product is, it needs repair and maintenance. There should be experts to satisfy such customers, and that’s why this business is profitable. You can also win your customer’s trust by providing them excellent services over time and giving them the best repair experience. The best way is to manage your store using watch repair shop software. It will manage your repair and inventory operations efficiently and update your customers too.

So which of these Rolex issues can your watch repair business handle? Tell me in the comments section!

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