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MARIA S. What You Should Know About Perfect Instagram Story Dimensions For Successful Promotion? increase followers on Instagram Have you ever noticed that your beautiful images can be rather unexpectedly cropped by Instagram after you …

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What You Should Know About Perfect Instagram Story Dimensions For Successful Promotion? increase followers on Instagram Have you ever noticed that your beautiful images can be rather unexpectedly cropped by Instagram after you add them to stories? In this blog post, I will tell you more about the ideal Instagram stories dimensions which will help you not to face an unpleasant situation. get more paid followers on Instagram: superviral


When Instagram stories appeared a lot of users couldn’t even imagine why they need to use them. But starting as a rather unclear feature, stories have managed to become a really powerful promotional tool.

Stories are believed to be much more interactive than simple posts that you publish in your account. Instagram stories are among the reasons why over 500 million people visit the app every day. how to increase followers on instagram

Though stories are displayed for 24 hours only (unless you save them in your account), they have an extremely important function of enhancing the activity of your audience. If it is interesting for you to learn more details about the capacities of this tool, just read how Instagram stories help to promote your business.

But not only stories matter when you want to reach the top on Instagram. Followers themselves, likes, and comments are also extremely important components. And we have a good idea of what to offer you!

While you will be creating your powerful stories and looking for catchy content our Instagram bot will work on your promotion. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Moreover, the Inflict bot can not only bring your likes and followers, but it can also ensure more views of your stories which simulate real human behavior.


Hope you agree with me that for a successful promotion, Instagram stories are a must. But what does your audience want to see in stories? And what formats of stories can be beneficial for your promotion? get more followers on instagram

There is a wide range of Instagram story formats that you can use (by the way, don’t be afraid to mix them and try out something new). Nevertheless, quite often people have more questions about what they can share rather than how they can do it.

  • I offer you to test the effectiveness of the following types of stories:
  • Polls (ask your followers to vote for the most attractive variant or to share their opinion)
  • Content generated by your audience (you can even organize a contest for them)
  • Events/daily stories (your followers also want to see that you are just an ordinary person just like them)
  • New products (you can add a link to a catalog as well)
  • Jokes (don’t be too serious, from time to time let your followers smile)
  • BBC news Instagram story

If you need more inspiration, you can also check our list of amazing content ideas.


Nevertheless, to make your stories look amazing, I strongly recommend you to use the correct Instagram story size that is 1080px by 1920px or you may have heard about these dimensions as an aspect ratio of 9:16. You should bear these dimensions in mind in order not to let the app crop your image or spoil its quality.

If you are going just to post a photo in stories, be ready that the app will change its format or do it yourself to be sure that the image will be displayed in the way that you consider to be the most appropriate one.


So, what can spoil the entire impression for your audience?

  • BBC story on Instagram
  • Wrong Instagram Story size. We’ve just discussed Instagram story dimensions.
  • Too long or redundant stories. Sorry, but nobody is ready to spend 10 minutes watching your stories only.

Too much text. Your Instagram story is not an appropriate place to write a long text. one or two short phrases will be more than enough. Your viewer has only 15 seconds to read it (of course, you can ask him to keep a finger on the screen while reading but it’s better to keep your text short).

Wrong links. Just imagine how irritating it is when you are invited to follow the link to read more about a new product but you are redirecting to a home page, for example. Be attentive, please. get more followers on instagram

Hope you will remember these tips and use them to create catchy and amazing stories for your account!


Use Canva to create perfect-size, Creative Stories! This is a free service for creating stunning visual content. Easily, without even practice, you can turn into a designer. And you won’t have to think about finding the right Instagram story dimensions, it’s already done for you.

Perfect Instagram Story Dimensions by Canva

You need to choose any template and customize it according to your needs and taste. Then just save it to your device or share it on Social Media. how to increase followers on instagram: click here

By the way, do you remember I shared the greatest life hack of Insta Stories? So, according to it, you need to create all your Stories (a day) as a single Story with its opening, culmination, and resolution. And what is crucial, it should be designed in a single style. Canva offers stunning Stories sets for this purpose. That’s amazing!

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