Searching for a Pay Per Click agency can be a tedious process. It is important to do your homework and find the agency that offers you the best service. There are many options available. Some of the most popular ones are Smec, TopSpot Internet Marketing, AgencyPartner, Stryde, and Clickz.


As a Pay per click agency, AgencyPArtner specializes in digital marketing and SEO. With over 50 employees, AgencyPartner offers an array of services to maximize your ROI. Their team is passionate about digital marketing and works with clients to customize their strategies to achieve their goals.

AgencyPartner’s team of digital experts understands the intricacies of PPC advertising and work with you to ensure that your campaign is both effective and efficient. Their services are tailored to fit your business’ needs, and they pride themselves on being transparent. If you’re interested in learning more about how they can help you, check out their reviews!


Smec is a pay per click (PPC) agency that specializes in e-commerce. The company is spread across 18 offices in Australia and New Zealand and employs nearly 550 people. Since 2008, its staff has more than quadrupled. This rapid growth has increased the amount of data stored on its servers. Because of this, remote access to the data was becoming a major bottleneck. In addition, employees were copying entire project folders onto local servers, which further stressed the storage capacity.

Smec is an award-winning PPC agency with a dedicated team of experts. It also offers plenty of support to its clients. They use market observer software to determine key performance metrics and monitor the e-commerce industry to ensure the success of their clients. Smec is also considered to be a leader in paid search automation. The company has developed a signature tool called the Smec Market Observer, which allows them to determine the most important metrics for their clients’ campaigns.

TopSpot Internet Marketing

TopSpot Internet Marketing is a Texas-based digital marketing agency that offers a variety of services to online businesses. Founded in 2003, TopSpot has a staff of over 150 people and is a Google Certified Partner. In addition to PPC, TopSpot offers SEO and digital strategy to its clients. Its work spans many industries, including B2B, B2C, and local businesses. The company’s Houston office is home to Whole Wheat Creative, which employs highly experienced Google certified professionals and works closely with large corporations such as Exxon, Sony, HP, and DuPont. Its interface is mobile-friendly and the services it provides are streamlined for the mobile user.

The company has been recognized as an industry leader for its innovative marketing solutions. Its team of professionals has extensive experience and expertise in PPC marketing. The company is also client-centric, incorporating new tactics and advertisement modules to deliver results to its clients. In addition, its PPC specialists are responsible for bringing together the right target clients.


Stryde is an e-commerce marketing agency that focuses on improving the PPC marketing efforts of online businesses. They employ a team of marketing experts to target key industries. Their services include SEO, PPC, and social media. Their clients include e-commerce businesses, mid-market companies, and enterprises.


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